Facebook launches its own voice asistant ‘Facebook Portal’

Social media giant Facebook has entered into a new market in the consumer hardware market. This is Facebook’s first hardware product which is under the Facebook brand. The company has launched a Smart Display / Smart Speaker called Facebook Portal. It is also designed with laser-focused video chatting in mind.

Facebook portal can play music in smart display, play facebook videos. Not only this, you can browse Facebook on this. After the infamous data scandal, while launching this speaker it has been taken care that no compromise should be made in security and privacy.

Facebook Portal and Portal Plus are two products for which pre-orders have started in the US. It will be available even on Amazon. The portal costs $ 199 (about Rs 14,739). While the cost of Portal+ is $ 349 (about Rs 25,849).

Connect to Facebook and Messenger Friends

Users who do not have a portal can do video calling by connecting them to this device. A Messenger enabled smartphone can be used to make the call. Together with this device seven people can call in a group.

Voice control feature

This smart display has a voice control feature. “Hey portal” activates the device to receive voice command. The special thing is that it has also been supported by Amazon Alexea. That is, Alexx’s commands will also work in it.

Privacy and Security

According to the company, privacy and security are important, so the front camera of this device can be disabled by one tap.

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