US could lose war against China, Russia warns panel report

United States of America, which has the largest defense budget of $ 700 billion all over the world, on the strength of capitalism and modern weapons, is facing national security and military crises these days. It is believed that America’s parliamentary panel, has warned that the US may lose the war against Russia or China in the coming days. According to the panel, US military strength is declining because not only are the military facilities being cut but the US military budget is also being reduced.
The American Parliament ‘Congress’ has entrusted the National Defense Strategy Commission with the responsibility of studying President Donald Trump’s National Defense Strategy (NDS). According to this report, the US Parliamentary Panel has issued this warning. The parliamentary panel includes the US Democratic Party and dozens of former officials of the ruling Republican Party. The report says that there is a need for skills for planning and operating for military operations against China and Russia, but the US is weakening it.

Trump’s National Defense Strategy is demonstrating a new competition for power with Moscow and Beijing. In such a scenario, the parliamentary panel found that on one hand, where the US military is facing a cut in the budget and the facilities available to them are decreasing, on the other hand countries such as China and Russia are expanding their strength to balance the US strength. The panel raised the question how the US would deal with the challenges of its enemies as the risk of war has increased, while the effect of American influence within Asia and Europe has come down.

Military superiority and national security deteriorated to dangerous extent

The panel says that US military superiority and national security have deteriorated to dangerous levels. Both of these features have so far been influencing American power in the world. The panel found that by focusing America’s attention on the war against terrorism in this century, it has been lagging behind in other areas of war like missile defense, cyber and other space missions.

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  1. The USA would be the only ones to START such wars, so if it loses… no real loss. Spanking-down America’s “New World Order” aspirations… is a GOOD THING. Maybe America’s servitude-infested pyramid scheme and competer’s religion called capitalism… will fall, too. We can only hope.

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