65 American universities reach court over Visa change rules

65 universities including Harvard and MIT have challenged the new student visa policy announced by US President Trump in August this year in the court. They say that this will hurt America’s higher education system. Universities say that restricting foreign students to stay in America for more days is not in the country’s interest. Under current rules, students can stay in America for six months even after the expiry of the visa duration. Only after this period can the government send them back to their country and even impose a three-year ban on them.
This period of six months starts with the official notice of the expiry of the visa from the next day of arrival. But as soon as the degree has been completed in the proposed new rules or the visa duration ends, it will be illegal for foreign students to stay in US. The violator of this rule can be banned for three or ten years from coming back to the country. Universities like Yale and Princeton say that this rule is not in the interest of academic institutions and the country as well as the students coming with academic visa in the F, J and M category.

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