Citizens suffer as Venezuela suffers massive blackouts

Venezuela’s situation is worsening day by day. After the US sanctions, the country’s condition has become terrible here. There is no electricity in many parts of the country for long and all the areas are covered in darkness. An NGO informed on Saturday that 15 patients suffering from kidney disease have died due to lack of treatment. They needed dialysis, but they could not get dialysis due to lack of electricity. According to NGO director Francisco Valencia, these patients died on Friday and Saturday.

Valencia told that the condition of the kidney patients is very bad. Here, 95 percent of the dialysis centers are not able to run due to lack of power, and if the situation does not improve, then the 100 percent dialysis centers will be closed. In such circumstances, conditions can worsen for kidney patients.

She warned that due to this blackout across the country, the lives of more than 10 thousand people living with dialysis will be in danger. Venezuela has a huge power crisis since Thursday afternoon. Most of the country is immersed in darkness and it is undergoing the worst blackouts in the history of the country. President Nicolas Maduro has also blamed America for this blackout of the country.

More than 50 other countries in the US and around the world are supporting opposition leader Juan Guido. It may be known that Guido had recently declared himself the interim president of the country. Guido said that the problem of power has been solved at 70% of the locations by Saturday, and electricity will be available in other places soon. He said that there was a cyber attack on one of the generators of the country, which has been cured.

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