Nirav Modi arrested in London

Absconding diamond businessman Neerav Modi has been arrested in London. He will be presented at Westminster Court. The same court issued arrest warrant against him. Nirav Modi had escaped with the banks of around 13 thousand crore rupees. He was seen in London last days. After this, Indian investigative agencies have gathered in the exercise to bring him back to India. In January 2018, Nirav Modi escaped from India.

Nirav Modi, accused of the PNB scam, was arrested in London. But today just 12 days after he was caught on the camera for the first time. Then he was walking comfortably on the streets of London.

Government of India will now attempt to extradite Nirav Modi

After the arrest of Nirav Modi, the Indian government will try extradition from Britain. According to sources, a team of CBI and ED from India will now be leaving for London. Meanwhile, the team of CBI and ED regarding the Nirav Modi case is constantly in touch with the UK High Commission and the Indian High Commission in London.

Property worth more than 1800 crores seized

Even before the PNB scandal appeared, accused Nirav and his uncle Mehul Choksi had escaped from India. As per the ED Money Laundering Prevention Act, till now, Nirav’s assets worth Rs 1873.08 crore have been seized. Along with this, property worth Rs 489.75 crores related to Nirav and his family has also been seized.

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