Pak fighter jets went supersonic on the LoC last night; IAF on alert

Last night, two Pakistani fighter aircraft were sighted at the LoC in Poonch sector. The Indian Air Defense radar detected them. After this incident, India’s radar system is on high alert. Earlier, on February 27, two Pakistani fighter aircraft violated the Indian border in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Air Force responded to it. The Indian Air Force had also shot down a Pakistani fighter plane. On Wednesday, India stopped cross border trade due to continuous violation of ceasefire on the border.

In the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, the cross border trade was stopped on Wednesday after violations of the ceasefire by firing mortars without any provocation and firing from small arms. Fareed Kohli, the guardian of the LoC Trade Center, told that five bullets were fired from mortar at the trade facility center in Chakkan da Bagh, causing damage to elsewhere including rooms with X-ray scanners.

He said that there was a firing near around 12.30 in the day. At that time the task of checking trucks was almost complete. There was no casualties in the fire, but it spread panic among people stationed at the center. However, the main building is safe. Kohli said that cross-border trade was stopped for a whole day due to ceasefire violation. Officials said that fire started in the Krishna Valley at 10:30 in the morning and later firing was also done in Poonch sector. Indian soldiers responded favorably to the action and the firing was going on until the news was received.

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