Eight killed in road accident on Lucknow expressway

On the Lucknow Expressway, an Ertiga car coming from Lucknow in Fatehabad area suddenly rammed into a moving truck. After tremendous collision, truck and car tires broke down and the car was trapped under the truck. Eight people were involved in the horrific crash, 6 of whom died on the spot. While two succumbed to their injuries before reaching the hospital. Seven of the deceased were from Jaunpur and one was from Azamgarh district resident.

Sadafal Yadav, a resident of Dev Raipur, in Jaunpur, was coming to interview with his colleagues from his car for the post of teacher in Agra Ambedkar University’s Khandari campus. From home they started out at 10:00 in the night. At 8:30 in the morning,the car lost control at the 37 km milestone on the Lucknow expressway. The car hit a truck moving in front of it. After the strong collision, the car was trapped under the truck and badly damaged. Cars and truck tires burst. Police and local people reached the spot and broke the windows of the car and pulled them out. By the time 6 people had died. Two people were breathing, the police brought them to the hospital, but before reaching there, they succumbed to their injuries. All the dead were identified.

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