Published On: Fri, Jun 5th, 2015

State sends proposals to central government to expand Jollygrant and Pantnagar airports

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A detailed discussion meeting on various issues was held between the Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajpati Raju and Chief Minister Harish Rawat at Bijapur Guest House on Thursday. Central Minister said that immense possibilities for tourism exist in the State. The proposals would be considered at earliest which have been sent by the State Government to the Union Government. The Pantnagar airport would be developed as Cargo airport. Expansion of Jollygrant and Pantnagar airport would be considered positively. He asserted that Central and State Governments would have to collectively make efforts to develop the civil aviation sector. The Union Civil Aviation Minister assured to resolve the pending issues concerning with state at earliest.

The Chief Minister stated that meeting with Central civil aviation minister was fruitful. Some proposals in the state interests have been sent to the Central Government, the central minister assured of positive actions in this regard. The CM apprised that proposals regarding international status to the Jollygrant Airport, expansion of Dehradun and Pantnagar airports have been presented before the Central Government. The Chardham Yatra along with Hemkund sahib and Mansarovar Yatra is being conducted in the State. Tourists and devotees from all over the world including across the country participate in these holy Yatras. Considering above Yatras, air services from Chandigarh and Amritsar to Dehradun to be started as soon as possible. The Pantnagar airport to be developed as cargo hub for export. Air services of Air India from Delhi to Pantnagar to be restored soon which was stopped earlier. Chief Minister informed that Civil Aviation Authority has adequate land for developing the Jollygrant airport in MRO. More parking bays and new terminal building for international flights including other infrastructure facilities can be developed with above proposal. It would increase income of the Airport Authority of India. The Chief Minister emphasized to expand the air services for tourism development in the State. The CM asserted that tourism has a significant role in economical activities and generating the employment opportunities for local youths. Air services would be helpful in tourism development in the State. The Civil Aviation Development Authority has been constituted in the State, three airfield and around 60 helipads are being developed under the Authority. Government of India should cooperate in this regard on priority basis. The Chief Minister Rawat said that 24 hours operational facilities to be developed at Jollygrant airport. Dehradun and Pantnagar Airports to be upgraded to CAT-1 and CAT-2  under the Air Navigation Services. ILS facilities to be ensured. Exemption to be granted for 3 VFR fields considering the unavailability of land according to standards in hill areas. Night landing facilities to be developed at airports and helipad near Nepal and Tibet borders and Central financial aid to be provided in this regard like Chattisgarh State. For promoting the air connectivity in the state, Aircraft with 9-20 seats  at  without licensing airports to be permitted. The State Government has agreed on the Vat exemption for providing the better facilities at Dehradun and Pantnagar airports.

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  1. Mini says:

    We dot want to rehabitat again , evalution is good but its not positive in term of many homes ,, take some initiatives for not to rehabit us from our home again

  2. Vipin Negi says:

    This is completely unfair how could the state government think to relocate and acquire their land again. Really bad. please think about the people who are living there and purchase land with all the money they saved in their life.

  3. gagan joshi says:

    if land acquisition happens , many families has to relocate from there home or land which is very bad and unfortunate. we will have to protest against it. once athoorwala is relocated from tehri and again government going to take initiative towards aquiring land. which people will not make it happen.

  4. mukesh negi says:

    I want to say our CM think about local villagers ,they are already relocated from tehri due to tehri dam.then govt again acquired our land for enlarge airport ,and now again they are making plan for us , we work hard many years and made this land for cultivation purpose .now they are again making plan.we will not accepte this in any condition.

  5. shivam negi says:

    This is totally unfair….how could the government even think about this….people hv been saving money for years to buy land…
    I jst want to appeal to the government to think about the families living here

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