Atleast 70 civilians killed in air strikes in Syria

At least 70 civilians died in an air strike in eastern Ghouta, considered to be the stronghold of rebels in Syria. In Douma of Eastern Ghouta, 11 people are suffering from respiratory problems. The number of dead can increase.

After the start of Russia’s dialogue with Islamist faction Jaish al-Islam, which occupied Douma, the bombardment had stopped and the military campaign was stopped for 10 days. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the UK-based human rights watchdog, the air strikes began again on Friday after the process of interaction was disrupted, in which 40 civilians died.

The organization said that 30 civilians including eight children were killed in similar attacks on Saturday. A young doctor in Douma said, “The bombardment hasnot yet stopped. We can not even count all the injured. “

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