Body of Indian origin dentist found in suitcase in Australia

A sensational case of murder of a missing Indian-origin dentist for many days has come out. After the murder of the dentist, her body was placed in a briefcase. Prior to the disappearance, the dentist was seen in a hotel with a young man. This knot of death got tangled when a young man with a dentist in the hotel died in a road accident in suspicious circumstances. Australian police is engaged in solving the murder case.

The deceased dentist has been identified as Preeti Reddy, 32. She lived in Sydney, Australia. Her family lodged a report of her disappearance on Sunday (03-March-2019). She had left home to attend a Dentist conference in St. Leonard, a city in Sydney.

The Australian police in investigations found out that Preeti Reddy was seen at the McDonald’s restaurant located on Central Sydney’s Strand Arcade on Sunday night at 2:15 am. She was looking alone in McDonald’s CCTV camera. However, in further investigations, the police came to know that Preeti was staying on Sunday with a young man, a hotel on market street in Sydney.

Deadbody found in car

On Tuesday, the Australian police in search of Preeti found ther car parked on a road in Kingsford south of the city center. Police searched for the car and received a briefcase from it. When the police opened the briefcase, it had Preeti’s body stuffed inside in a pool of blood. According to the police, it is clear from the body that she had been attacked with sharp weapons.

According to police, identity of the young man seen with Preeti in the hotel, it is not clear right now. The murder at the time when the police found the young man’s dead body on a highway in a road accident. According to the police, it is believed that the young man had deliberately carried out the accident. The road accident happened near Howard Road in New South Wales, Australia.

This is the apprehension

Police suspect that a young man, who died in a road accident, could be a boyfriend of Dentist Preeti. It may be that, during the stay in the hotel on Sunday, there was a fight between them. After that both of them got out of there. On the way there has been a quarrel between them. After this the young man murdered Preeti in anger. After the murder, the young man stuffed the dead body of Preeti in the briefcase, but he had lost courage even before doing so. After this, in self-indulgence, he has killed himself in a road accident. The police is investigating all the angles to solve the murder mystery.

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