World’s deepest swimming pool constructed in Poland

The world’s deepest swimming pool is built in Poland. The depth is 148 feet. The size of this can be estimated from the fact that it is equal to 27 Olympic size swimming pools. This swimming pool has been constructed 40 km away from the capital Warsaw. Its name has been kept DeepSpot. But the title of the deepest swimming pool will remain near DeepSpot for only six months.

The reason for this is that deeper swimming pool is being built in London’s Colchester. Whose depth is 164 feet. If you talk about DeepSpot, it will not only be opened for scuba drivers but also for the general public.

8 thousand cubic meters of water will be needed to fill the Deepspot. There is also an Underwater Tunnel in this pool. This tunnel overlooks the hotel’s restaurant, and conference room.

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