Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

UREDA aims to generate 3000 KW of electricity from Bageshwar district

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Bageshwar: Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA) has sent four potential project proposals to the government through which it aims to generate 3000 kilo-watt of electricity from Bageshwar District.

At present different electricity schemes have been implemented with the help of the locals in Bageshwar district. Village communities help in successful implementation of the projects. In return the consumers get electricity day and night. The region currently produces 1 MW of electricity. UREDA plans to connect these small projects with the grid network in the future. For this, UREDA has sent 4 proposals to the state government. One proposal focuses on generating 1 MW electricity from the Sarayu river near Patiyasar, while another proposal focuses on 700 KW electricity generation from a region nearby Patiyasar. The third proposal involves 200 KW electricity generation from a local water source in Udiyar in Jagthana. The fourth proposal aims to produce 1000 KW of electricity from Pindar river near Sorag.

The first phase of the proposal involves a complete survey of the above mentioned areas. Only then can construction work begin. The electricity generated from these projects will be linked with the power corporation’s grid.

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