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Uttarakhand to switch to smart card driving licences

Uttarakhand is set to introduce the smart card system for driving licence and registration certificate. State transport commissioner C S Napalchyal, said, “We held a meeting recently to discuss issues which need to be taken care of before introducing the smart card driving licence and registration certificate system in Uttarakhand. The smart card system is more convenient for the licence holders as it will be easy to carry.”

The smart card driving licence will have security features that will make it difficult to replicate it. An embedded chip will contain important details of the applicant like name, date-of-birth, thumb impression and picture of the applicant. Enforcement agencies can check the authenticity of these smart card driving licences using readers.

The department has written to National Informatics Centre (NIC) to obtain information on the technology required for introducing smart card system in the state.

“According to the Union ministry of road and transport, certain things in the process have to be managed by the NIC. So, we have requested the NIC to assist the department in issuing smart card based driving licences in Uttarakhand,” said Napalchyal.

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