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Worker union go on 2 day strike; banking to transport services effected

There is a two-day strike in Uttarakhand on the minimum wages, closure of the new pension policy, amendment to the transport policy, and the demands of workers’ organizations against the demands of workers. In this, more than 50 thousand workers of Bank-Insurance, Group C’s Central employees, hotels and factories etc associated with five workers organizations from Uttarakhand are absent from work. At the same time, city buses, auto-Vikrams, taxi unions have also said to be part of the strike while supporting the strike.

In the meeting of the Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) organized in ISBT campus, the District Convenor said that the nationwide strike of labor organizations has got lot of support in Uttarakhand. He said that while on strike, the workers belonging to different labor organizations will be gathered in the Gandhi Park and then the rally will be held. Likewise, workers associated with central institutions and many other establishments, including bank-insurance, will also agitate at their respective places.

Auto Rickshaw Union, Auto Rickshaw Sangham Committee, District Dehradun driver conductor union, Maxi Cab Taxi Workers Union, Vikram Union, Commander Jeep Union, Metropolitan Bus Service, Doon Taxi Driver Union, Doon Taxi Honors Association etc have given their support to the strike. Calling for protection of the sector, the strike has supported the 16-point demands. Most of them have also announced to keep the transportation services in jeopardy.

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