Parents sell their child for Rs 50000 to pay off debts

In order to repay the loan, parents sold their one-and-a-half year old for 50 thousand rupees. The incident of Vikasnagar, Dehradun. The separation from her son was too much for the mother. The couple asked the daughter of the ex-soldier who bought the child to return their son. As the dispute increased, the matter reached the police station and parents, middlemen and buyers were detained.

According to the police, on December 3 last year, a woman from canal road area of ​​Vikasnagar was introduced to the daughter of a former soldier by a nurse in a private hospital from the same area. It is alleged that the nurse fixed the deal between the two sides for selling the one and a half year old child for 50 thousand rupees. The couple, under debt burden, sold their son to the daughter of a former soldier. After about a month, when the mother’s could no longer bear the separation from her son, she asked her husband to bring him back.

During this time, the couple paid off Rs 20000 out of the Rs 50000 received to a businessman of Herbertpur. The husband asked about his son, sold by the nurse, but when this did not happen, the woman gave a complaint to the police. After the initial investigation, the police brought the daughter of the former soldier and the child to Vikasnagar Chauki. The couple was brought to the police post. In the interrogation, the middleman was taken into custody by a nurse, a parent and a woman who bought it. The police have come under pressure and now they have gathered information on this matter.

Police changed story of selling baby

In case of selling one-and-a-half-year-old child under the Kotwali area, the police has been engaged in avoiding it for two days. On Sunday, the police filed a lawsuit in the first case and arrested four people. But late night the police retracted from filing a lawsuit. From Sunday morning till late evening, the police officers avoided from telling anything in the matter.

On the same day, the police put the matterinfront of Human Traffic Cell on Sunday evening. A woman and her husband, a resident of Vikasnagar, had sold a one-and-a-half year old child to a young woman in Dehradun for Rs 50,000 on December 3 due to the debt. On the complaint of the child’s mother the police investigated the case. The police is interrogating four people who have been involved in this case.

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